CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing Control)

Dongbang FTL established an OIC (Open Innovation Center) in South Korea and opened its research and production facilities to external companies, universities, and research institutes to establish an ecosystem where innovative products and businesses can be created together.

In OIC, about 10 domestic and foreign companies, universities, and research institutes have already received the highest level of technology, facilities, and human resources from Dongbang FTL, and chemical synthesis, plant extraction, cell fermentation, CADD (computer aided drug design), We are actively conducting joint research in the healthcare field by applying various research methods such as Artificial Intelligence.

Representative research includes natural product research using callus culture, multifunctional innovative anticancer drug using CADD, new drug development using polar organisms, super antibiotic and rare disease treatment using AI, hair growth using human-derived ingredients, oligonucleotides and electrochemicals

CMC Services

Our service covers the CMC development from early development stage to new drug application. Originator and Generic companies can outsource their process research work to DongBang API services team to save time and costs. Originator companies can collaborate with our process research teams to perform process research to identify the most cost effective and sustainable route as early as preclinical or phase I studies to minimize the API budget during development activities. DongBang’s experienced chemists will first seek to establish historical process work and conduct scientific literature search to identify synthetic route options. These options are then presented to clients in priority order, highlighting the key benefits of each. Following a phase of laboratory work to assess the on-paper routes, one or two will be selected for further, more detailed laboratory assessment and optimization. Our focus is always to carry out just sufficient development work for your molecule’s phase of development.

CMC Pipeline