New Drug Development

Dongbang FTL new drug development lab is focusing on a novel multi-disciplinary research targeting medically important problems in human health. DongBangFTL relentlessly conduct innovative research and development on the new medicine. We are targeting the diseases with high demand for medical unmet needs, concentrating on the development of innovative new medicines using DongBang’s unique technology, and conducting research activities in line with global trends through open innovation.

DongBang FTL synthesizes novel compounds to treat a diverse array of indications.

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The Medicinal Chemistry Lab specializes in:

  1. Target-based drug design and rational design
  3. Lead optimization
  4. Synthesis of various New Chemical Entities
  5. Drug repurposing

Target-based drug design and rational design

Target-based drug discovery has been highly successful. The main advantage of target-based approaches are that they are often simpler to execute than phenotypic approaches, operating with knowledge of a drug’s molecular mechanisms from an earlier stage. The target based drug design (TBD) approaches are very important computational procedures, including visualization tools, to support the decision systems of new drug design and development. The molecular dynamics simulation protocols are the bright spots in TBD approaches.
Rational design:
To achieve the full benefit of developing a successful drug, multidisciplinary approaches such as Rational drug design and literature knowledge would be necessary. Our team is well expertise in rational drug design. We identify the target, based on predefined properties for targets, Once a target is identified, then the drugs be evaluated by binding scores (affinity/specificity), balance between hydrophilicity/lipophilicity, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) respectively. This approach of drug design can be applied to develop drugs to treat a wide variety of diseases and can also be used for designing drugs for disease prevention.

Computer-aided drug discovery(CADD)

Computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) services apply computational software and chemistry simulation techniques to help identify novel hits or leads against selected therapeutic targets, as well as to support medicinal chemistry lead optimization programs.

Lead optimization

Lead optimization process is to design and develop the lead drug candidate after an initial lead compound is identified. This process enhance the most promising compounds to improve efficacy, absorption, Physiochemical properties, diminish toxicity and DMPK. This process involves iterative rounds of synthesis and characterization of a potential drug to build up a picture of how chemical structure and activity are related in terms of interactions with its targets and its metabolism. Our chemists using a variety of tools, such as CADD, structural modeling and ligand/substrate docking algorithm and rational designs to guide the synthesis of new chemotypes as potential drug lead.

Synthesis of various New Chemical Entities

Organic synthesis is at the heart of new drug discovery. Our team is well expertise in synthesis of various small molecules, heterocycle analogues and complex organic compounds.

Drug repurposing

Drug repurposing (DR) (also known as drug repositioning) is a process of identifying new therapeutic use(s) for old/existing/available drugs. It is an effective strategy in discovering or developing drug molecules with new pharmacological/therapeutic indications. We DongBang FTL have been developing new drugs with the discovery of novel biological targets by applying the drug repositioning strategy in drug discovery and development programs.



Medicinal Chemistry

We offer comprehensive synthetic and medicinal chemistry services for successful hit-to-lead-to-candidate selection. You can also leverage our novel business models, such as global insourcing, to meet your capacity and timeline demands. Our approach ensures a seamless transition across every step of your project. Structure-activity relationships (SARs)/structure-property relationships (SPRs) and novel target development guided by computer-aided drug design (CADD)Route design Custom-synthesis Parallel synthesis Library design and synthesis, including DongBang’s Compound Library (diverse compound library).