Business Portfolio

DongbangFTL is ahead of the industry in terms of R&D spend. Portfolio management in new drug development is extremely challenging due to long drug development cycles and high probabilities of failure. As a pharmaceutical company, we need continuously evaluate not only our business Strategy but also disease strategy to discern gaps in our Portfolio. Business Portfolio allows it to pursue its strategic goals. This portfolio can also be defined as the set of available assets that the company posses to develop our mission and reach our goals.

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Experience in successfully delivering customized solutions Types of projects

Process Development and Supply (30%)
Supply(Commercial / Clinical) (51%)
RSM/KSM/Intermediate (10%)
Others(FTE/POC/Stability/Impurity) (9%)

Collaborating with a diverse portfolio of customers Customer mix at DongbangFTL

Mid sized pharma (43)%
Large pharma(25%)

Experience in successfully delivering customized solutions Customer mix by geography


Business Overseas Customers

We are the leading exporter in the global market. Nearly 60% of turnover comes from the overseas market. DongbangFTL has been exporting high-quality pharmaceutical products to the big global pharmaceutical companies. We have many customers overseas such as Europe, Japan, China and many more. The following map will give you a brief introduction to our overseas market. We have GMP certificates from many countries such as JAPAN, Australia, France which makes us a reliable source to do business overseas.

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